Juneau Virtual Open House 2020

Join us for our OEM Product Line virtual learning webinars. Prior registration is required to attend, so make sure to register today!


What To Expect

  • Producer webinars open to all Dairy Producers
  • Offered online Thursday, December 3rd and Friday, December 4th 2020
  • Open House Discounts — Call For Details
  • Juneau Route Customer "Trade-Show-To-Go" bag & Grand Prize Promotion

Lely - “Robotics — Milking And BEYOND”

Get a view from above of the entire Freestall Barn product portfolio Lely has to offer for not only milking cows, but see how robotic feed pushers, robotic mixing and feeding, and robotic manure handling can provide a return on investment no matter what type of system your cows are milked by. A high level overview of the A5 model robotic milking system features and benefits will also be covered.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the entire Freestall Barn product portfolio

  • How robotics can increase your ROI

Starts at

1:00 PM

on Dec. 3rd
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GEA - "Total Equipment Solutions — Milk Stall To The Haul"

No matter if your cows are milked in a stanchion barn, conventional milking parlor or robotic milking system, GEA has a SOLUTION for YOU! Take a milk flow journey through the GEA product line starting at milking the cow through the milking system and onto the milk truck. An overview of key GEA product features and benefits will be covered.

Topics Covered

  • An introduction to the GEA product line

  • Key GEA product features & benefits

Starts at

10:00 AM

on Dec. 4th
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More about Central Ag Supply

More than a dairy equipment dealership

At Central Ag Supply, we're much more than a dairy equipment dealership, with brands you recognize and quality workmanship you can trust.

Top class service & support

Maintenance programs
Provide preventive maintenance programs for robots, parlors, stanchion barns, refrigeration systems and automated calf feeding systems
Hygiene & Supplies programs
Dairy hygiene and supplies program for animal health, barn tools, towels, inflations, disposable gloves, boots, dairy hygiene supplies and competitive brands of milking equipment parts
24/7 Emergency Support

Project planning & execution

Drafting services
Design and computer aided drafting service for all milking facility construction
Project management
Project management for all milking facility construction
Reputation for high quality equipment installations by customers as well as industry professionals

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